Community Events

Blu Community is Proud of Our Contributions to our Monroe County Community.

Blu Community is like a big family that helps out the people who live in our town. We do fun things like parties and games to raise money, and then we use that money to help others who need it. It’s kind of like when you have a lemonade stand and you sell lemonade to your friends, and then use the money to buy toys for kids who don’t have any.

Blu Community is happy to be able to help our town!

Just like when we have a birthday party and invite all our friends over, Blu Community hosts events where everyone in town can come and have fun together. And just like how we sometimes give our old toys or clothes to other kids who need them, Blu Community raises money through fundraisers so they can give back to people in our town who need help.

Blu Community is proud because they work hard to make the place we live in better for everyone. It’s like when we put on a play at school and all our parents come watch, Blu Community does things for our whole town and makes it a better place for everyone.

Support Blu Communities

Programs are supported by individual public contributions, corporate grants, foundation grants and government grants and contracts.