Building, Lifting, Uniting

Providing vital resources for marginalized communities through collaboration and community action.

About Blu Communities

Founded by B. David Hunter, BLU Communities will deliver a combination of capacity-building services and direct services to the community they are serving. We will also create a Hope, Resiliency and Transformation program (HRT).

Capacity Building and Direct Services

Capacity building activities include uniting communities and marginalized neighborhoods by developing and introducing new conflict resolution practices into the community, identifying trainers for teaching the practices, recruiting community members to learn the practices, promoting and performance management infrastructures to sustain the practices.

Direct service activities include training community members in social and emotional skills, convening restorative circles and diversity workshops in which community members discuss issues that impact them socially and organizing neighborhood volunteering opportunities.


BLU Communities will recruit, train and support volunteers and service contributors for conducting this activity. We will draw broadly from the state of Georgia general population.

Hope, Resiliency and Transformation program (HRT)

BLU Communities’ transformative after-school programs are lighting a fire of optimism and possibility among Georgia’s young people. 

This organization is making a significant impact on the lives of young people by recruiting and training a team of volunteers who are committed to serving underserved communities.Funded by private and corporate donations, as well as grants and government contracts, BLU Communities will soon be able to provide transformative educational opportunities to kids all over the state.

BLU Communities is improving Georgia and the rest of the world by fostering the personal and professional development of the state’s youth. Get on board with us to help out with this motivational and important cause.

Support Blu Communities

Programs are supported by individual public contributions, corporate grants, foundation grants and government grants and contracts.